Foods That Will Keep You Feeling Full

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We all know that to keep a healthy lifestyle we must work out and enjoy well-balanced meals. Often times it’s hard to maintain that healthy lifestyle because we tend to snack too much, overeat or the healthy food we eat isn’t keeping us full. We’re all guilty of a little too much pantry rummaging, so here’s a list of foods that will keep you feeling full!

This wonderful fruit has the ability to keep your belly feeling full because it is a great course of fiber and the high water content will help you feel and stay full. They also contain pectin, which will prevent blood sugar spikes that aid hunger.

Edamame is a very healthy vegetable which contains protein and is low in calories. This is a great snack to keep you going.

Spicy foods help to increase your metabolism and it has been shown that when cayenne pepper is added to foods, people eat fewer calories throughout the day.

Nuts are a very healthy source of food that will keep you feeling fuller longer. It also keeps your cholesterol low. Eat nuts as a snack and they will digest slower than other carbohydrates and keep you staying full.

Oatmeal contains fiber and will suppress your appetite. It also helps to increase your body’s levels of the appetite regulating hormone.

This one is my favorite all time snack. They are filled with healthy mono saturated fats which allow you to stay full. Just add avocado to everything!

Water is so very important! Sometime it can even fill you up before you actually make a snack. It is suggested that you drink a whole glass of water before you eat a meal and you will begin to feel full which will prevent you from eating too much.

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