Strengthen Your Relationship Through Acroyoga

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In order to have a strong relationship you must embrace trust. Relationships that are built on trust are empowering and healthy. One way to build trust is through acroyoga. Acroyoga requires two people to trust each other in order to feel the power of it. This technique requires at least two people, one called the “base” and one called the “flyer”. Each have to trust each other in their roles in strength and communication. Here are some basic poses for beginners to try out.

Super Yogi: The base grabs the flyers wrists while she extends forward with her head down. The base inhales and presses his legs away while pulling the wrists and arms forward. Then the base will inhale the legs back to stacked position and repeat this move.

yoga 1



Front Bird: The base will place his feet against the flyers hipbones in the arches of his feet and extend to bare the weight of the flyer. The flyer will then lift the torso, and legs to extend forward, while engaging the back and the core. Flyer will release arms to the side of the body as well.

yoga 2


Jedi Plank: The base will lie on his or her back, while the flyer gets into plank position with feet outside of the shoulders of the base and the hands on the shins. The base will then need to pick up the legs of the flyer at the ankle and lift his or her arms straight up. The base can then do a sit up while the flyer lifts the hips high into the air creating a square jedi box.

yoga 3

yoga 4

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