The Perfect After School Snack for Your Kids

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Looking for a healthier snack option to feed your kids after school? Try these Tortilla Pizza Bites. These bites are easy to make and serve for a far better snack than chips or cookies and candy.

What you’ll need:
-Pasta/pizza sauce
-Shredded cheese
-Muffin tin
-Cookie Cutter
-Toppings (optional)

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Cute smaller circles out of the tortillas using your cookie cutter.
-Place small tortilla circles in the muffin tin.
-Add a spoon of sauce and cheese (toppings too if wanted) into each little cup of tortilla.
-Bake for 10 minutes (If your kids like a little more crunch) crank up the oven to 450 degrees)

Watch the video below for a visual on how to make these pizza bites.

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