10 Ways to Make It Through Monday After a Crazy Weekend

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The weekends can get really crazy sometimes and then Monday comes crashing down on you to ruin the perfect fun you had all weekend, going out getting drinks and dancing with your friends. Perk up your Monday and don’t let it bring you down with these few things:

1. Hitting snooze one too many times will make you more tired, so try to avoid that

2. Plan something fun to do after work

3. Turn the water in your shower to cool so it will wake you up

4. Give yourself a facial

5. Depuff your eyes

6. Light a scented candle as you get ready for work

7. Take a walk around the block

8. Drink lots of water at work

9. Put your best red lipstick on

10. Get into some yoga poses for 5 minutes on your break

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