4 wardrobe tips for skinny girls

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Go for flowing silhouettes like maxi dresses to provide your frame volume

Swap leggings for jeans and change bodycon dresses to flowy dresses to give your slender body a frame, says an expert.

Here are some styling tips to help skinny girls look fuller:

1. Swap leggings for jeans:

Leggings stick to you and make your legs look skinnier. If you’re not confident of pulling them off, swap your leggings for jeans instead. Jeans are made of a thicker material and add more weight to your otherwise slender legs.

2. Swap bodycons for maxis:

Bodycon dresses will make you more body-conscious than before. Since they are the spanx version of dresses, with your figure, you can afford to give them a miss. Go for flowing silhouettes like maxi dresses instead. They will provide your frame volume and look great on you.

3. Swap tight tops for oversized T-shirts:

Never hoard your closet with figure-hugging tops as they will only bring more attention to your tiny waist. Go for tops with flowing silhouettes. You would look best in oversized tees, loose tops and whimsical blouses.

4. Swap vertical stripes for horizontal ones:

It is common knowledge that vertical stripes makes one look thin while horizontal stripes add inches to your frame. It’s obvious what we’re suggesting, isn’t it? Wear tops, dresses and skirts with horizontal stripes. Not only will you be doing your figure a favour, but you’ll be rocking the biggest trend of the season too!

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