4 Ways Technology Can Cause Weight Gain

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Without even realizing it, we spend almost every free moment of our days in from of technology. Nowadays, most of us are spending our work day in front of a computer screen and then when we go home, we head straight for the remote to watch our weekly TV shows, or we’re checking social media. Whatever it is, most of our free time is spent using technology. Technology is a bad thing but it does have some negative effects including weight-loss efforts. Here a few ways it can affect our weight loss.

Mindlessly eating
Being in front of a screen encourages mindless eating. We often don’t pay attention to the portions we’re eating when watching TV or cruising the internet because our minds are distracted. This can make it easier to overeat.

Interrupted workouts
Whenever we get a text or social media notification, we are tempted every second to open it even when we’re working out. We want to know what’s going on so we feel the need to check it the moment we get a notification. We then check and get distracted by other things floating around on social media or stuck in a texting conversation that stops us from spending that time sweating.

Lack of quality sleep
The brightness on screen can have a huge effect on our sleep quality because it tricks the brain into thinking its earlier than it actually is causing you to have difficulty falling asleep. A destructive sleeping pattern can add inches to your waist.

Create a sedentary lifestyle
If you work on a computer at work and then come home to sit and watch TV, you have spent most of your days sitting and getting no exercise. This creates a sedentary lifestyle that are a leading cause of weight gain, obesity and heart disease. You are recommended to walk 10,000 steps a day, but Americans are barely even hitting 2,000 steps a day. Make sure you are getting some physical activity in your daily routine.

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