5 cool eye makeup tricks for girls who wear glasses

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Not sure how to readjust your makeup basics to incorporate your frames? We asked Priyanka Chopra’s makeup artist for his tips

When it comes to doing your eye makeup when you have glasses, there are two major concerns. The first thing is to do your makeup perfectly without your glasses on, and second is to do an eye makeup look that goes with your glasses. You can get over the first hurdle by using a magnifying mirror, but to ace your eye makeup game with glasses on, we ask celebrity hair and makeup artist Daniel Bauer to share some quick tips. “There’s definitely no reason to not dial-up your eye makeup game when you wear glasses,” states Bauer.

1. Boost your brows

Glasses frame your face and they also draw attention to your brows, so you win half the battle if your brows are shaped well. “For me, brows are the real deal breaker. You really do want your brows to be shaped and peek over the rim of your glasses. You should keep everything looking perfectly natural. I am a major fan of using pomades to fill in the brow,” says Bauer. And with your glasses resting on your nose, make sure to prime and set your foundation to avoid touch-ups.

2. Pile on mascara

Wearing mascara instantly helps open the eyes, a trick which is easy and quick to execute. You’ll want to upgrade your natural lashes with an elongated and thickening mascara, adding both in lockstep to add volume and length. Finish with a coat of waterproof mascara to avoid it from smudging, or leaving marks on your glasses. “Mascara can rub off against the lens of your glasses, so keep them curled upwards rather than stick-straight. Curl and bend with an eyelash curler,” confirms Bauer.

3. Change it up depending on your frames

“It really all depends on your eyewear,” says Bauer. “Red-rimmed glasses go well with a soft maroon smoky eye. For your classic black-rimmed glasses, a broad extended wing eyeliner looks fantastic. For rimless glasses, I feel soft eye makeup looks stunning. A look that is easy to execute and which never fails is smudged kohl.”

4. Don’t forget to conceal

Glasses can add a shadow onto your dark circles, making them look more pronounced than usual. Tap on a brightening concealer, and then tap it on. Using a dusting of setting powder can help if your frame sits flush onto the skin.

5. Go bold with the liner

Don’t want to dabble with a complicated smoky eye? Reach for your trusty eyeliner. “I recently created a box liner on Priyanka Chopra and the look is perfect for anyone with hooded eyes or who wears glasses. It’s a great trick to open up your eyes. Priyanka has hooded eyes, but rather than shying away from eye makeup, she embraces everything,” says Bauer.

First, create a square in a gloss liquid liner, fill in the inside with a matte product, but make the square liner slightly angular towards the brow, to make it dramatic. “Ordinarily, I would extend the liner inwards, following the crease of the eye, but for Priyanka, I took it at a straight line across the eyelid and didn’t follow the crease,” says Bauer. From the inner corner, Bauer filled in using a mixture of graphite eyeshadow and a pearl silver shimmer. “With the eye being the hero here, keep the makeup natural with a hint of contour and a warm nude lip colour,” Bauer advises.

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