5 fashion hacks to look expensive when you are on a budget

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Check out these budget friendly fashion hacks that can help you style an expensive and classy look next time you head out

We all aspires to look fashionable, classy and wealthy, whether some of us are shopaholics or compulsive shoppers who enjoy blowing money. In the era of inflation, fashion-friendly shopping cannot be done every time and the best way to look expensive without spending too much is smart shopping. You can elevate your look by following some smart fashion strategies and mixing the appropriate pieces. We have a few style tips which you can follow to get an absolute wealthy look on a budget.

1. Invest in gold-tone jewellery

Gold-tone jewellery pieces can completely transform your look. You can find it easily in local markets and are affordable to buy. Gold plate studs or earrings, layered chains, and necklaces are some of the statement gold jewellery pieces that you can add to your wardrobe. Using metal or gold chains in bags or belt buckles can also upgrade your look. However, make sure that the jewellery is comfortable to wear and does not cause any kind of irritation to the skin. Opt for a piece of adjustable jewellery that can be adjusted and customized to fit you perfectly. Avoid wearing multiple gold pieces together as it might give over the top look. You can also try to mix different metals to get a trendy and elegant look.

2. Carry structured bags

Investing in simple and structured bags adds classiness to your outfit. Simple designs and solid colours can elevate any look that you are carrying. Structured bags go with most of the outfits therefore it saves a lot of money. You can style it with multiple outfits. Avoid investing in big bags and bold colours as they can overpower your outfit. Have at least one white and black structured bag in your wardrobe. It is also important to take care of your bags. Organise them well in your wardrobe and keep them stuff when they are not in use to retain their shape.

3. Use mix and match

Women’s fashion is full of diversity and is constantly evolving. You can create a variety of looks by mixing and combining various pieces that are suited for every occasion. Fashion changes at a fast pace and to keep up with trends you need to get fashionable trendy dresses all the time and wearing outdated clothing is not appealing to the eyes. For instance, if salwar is currently out of style, you can update your attire by purchasing a matching kurta and palazzo or pair of leggings rather than buying an entirely new outfit. Experiment with different looks. See what works and what doesn’t by trying on outfits that are outside of your comfort zone.

4. Reuse old clothes

Instead of buying new clothes or dress materials recycle your old clothes by giving them a makeover. Select the clothes whose fabrics and colours are good. With this you will not have to buy new fabrics, you can simply choose the latest trendy design and get it stitched from the old clothing. Gota patti and pom pom lace are currently quite fashionable; you may use them to make your dress fashionable, but keep in mind the fabric and design while sewing clothes from them. Avoid using clothes that are too thin or of worn-out fabrics, also pay attention to the pattern of the fabric while making the dress and make sure the tailor uses the design correctly.

5. Buy timeless pieces.

Invest in fashion pieces that never go out of styles such as a plain black or white T-shirt that can be paired in multiple ways on multiple occasions. Add neutral shade jeans in your wardrobe that can compliment multiple outfits. This will not only save money but will give you multiple options. Invest in well-fitted neutral-colour pieces to get a polished look. Add a few patterns or prints for a chic appearance. Make sure the clothes you pick are comfortable to wear. Invest in quality and natural fabric such as cotton, silk, tancel, wool and linen. These are sustainable, durable and pocket friendly.

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