5 Skincare Tips to Take Care of Your Beautiful Dusky Skin

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In today’s world body positivity is the main mantra. Keeping that in mind, a fair skin tone should no longer be the goal, and adusky skin tone is not something that one should shy away from, or seek to get rid of. It is high time that dusky skin type is celebrated and cherished as it should be!

The skin needs attention as much as other parts of the body. Hence, every individual must follow a skincare routine. A routine, however simple, if followed consistently over a course of time, can yield amazing results.

This article will detail some simple and easy-to-follow skincare tips for dusky skin.

Why is skincare important for women?

Every day the skin is exposed to millions of pollutants, dirt, and even makeup that can harm the skin in the long term, and dull its natural glow. It may lead to premature ageing, wrinkles, and overall deterioration of the quality of the skin. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a good skincare routine to treat premature ageing, tackle acne or pimples caused by pollutants, and keep it smooth and glowing.

Some simple steps to keep skin in perfect condition

Here are some of the most simple steps one can follow daily to have healthy skin. It is important to remember that the body’s internal functioning and necessities are as vital to skin health as its external care.

Use sunscreen daily

It is a common conception that melanin provides all the protection it needs for the skin to protect it from harm. Although Melanin does indeed protect the skin from harmful sun rays, continued exposure to harsh sunlight causes sunburn. Hence, using an extra layer of protection, in theform of sunblocks, not just helps block out harmful rays, but also prevents the skin from sunburns and scarring.

Use an SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen, as a part of the daily skincare routine, to protect the skin from the effects of UV rays. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two hours to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Make sure to cleanse every day

Stepping out of the house means exposure to pollution and dirt. It is necessary to rid the skin of such harmful substances, and the procedure is quite simple – use a cleanser.

Cleansing should be an instrumental part of any skincare routine. It is necessary to cleanse regularly to rid the skin of dirt, germ and debris. Use a cleanser, there are several available for all skin types. Was the skin gently and thoroughly, and use the cleanser every night before bedtime.

This one habit can greatly improve the quality of your skin.

Exfoliate lightly, do not be too harsh on the skin

Dusky skin may be more prone to developing scarring and pigmentation. While following a skincare routine an individual should remember to exfoliate once a week. It helps scrub away dead skin cells and promotes the growth of healthy cells.

But, some experts think that melanin-rich skin has more reactive melanocytes. Hence, any form of irritation on the skin activates those melanocytes, resulting in hyperpigmentation. So, individuals with a dusky skin type are more likely to develop dark spots on their skin.

Hence, while selecting an exfoliant, the primary concern should be to use a product that is not too harsh on the skin. Additionally, one should scrub their face gently, so that they do not trigger any inflammation or damage.

There is a range of products catering to skincare for women available in the market. One can easily make a choice, based on their skin type.

Keep the skin smooth and hydrated

Hydrationis a very necessary aspect of every skincare routine, it does not matter the skin type or whether someone is a man or a woman. The skin has to be provided with ample hydration regularly. One obvious way is to consume a lot of water to keep the body hydrated, which in turn keeps the skin hydrated as well.

An additional way is to use a moisturiser. Using amoisturiser with thick consistency may cause excessive sweating, especially in humid regions. The key is to use a light moisturiser, which replenishes the skin and provides adequate hydration. At the same time, it does not make the skin greasy.

Do not use skin-lightening products on the skin

Last, but not least, do not use skin-lightening products on the skin. Natural skin tone does not change with any form of skin products. Studies have shown skin lightening creams contain a high level of mercury in them.

High mercury levels not only cause damage to the internal organs but may also cause rashes and severe inflammation of the skin. It is always better to follow a natural and holistic skincare routine and improve the quality of the skin and not try to alter the skin tone in any way.

Follow a proper, healthy diet plan

A proper diet goes a long way. Including food like brown rice, quinoa, tomatoes, and yellow and orange vegetables, also green and leafy vegetables help improve skin quality. They have anti-acne properties that can ensure the skin remains smooth and acne free.

The Bottomline

Following the mentioned skincare tips will help an individual maintain and care for their dusky skin tone. Using sunblocks, and making sure the skin is clean and hydrated goes a long way in helping achieve the perfect smooth and supple skin.

As already mentioned, relying solely on products will not help keep the skin in proper condition. It is essential to incorporate proper nutrients as well as introduce certain lifestyle changes.

If an individual is a chronic smoker, it is high time they let go of the habit. Smoking causes premature ageing in individuals. Hence, to maintain younger-looking skin, quit smoking as soon as possible.

Apart from dietary changes, if one wishes, one can consult a medical professional to get supplements that can help achieve healthier-looking skin.

Share with us your experience of maintaining healthy-looking skin and if and how our suggestions helped you.

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