5 Things Happy Moms Do Differently

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Settle with “good enough” rather than “perfect”
There is so much pressure that women put on themselves whether it’s to be the perfect mom, have the perfect body, or be the perfect wife that it takes the joy out of being a mother. It is draining and doesn’t allow you to give yourself a break. Love yourself and learn that everything doesn’t need to be perfect.

Take care of yourself
It’s important to take care of yourself even before your husband and kids. This doesn’t mean that you are selfish, it is just necessary. Do stuff for you and make sure you set time aside to have you time. It could be anything from meditating, to reading or hanging out with your friends.

Don’t put up with mommy guilt
Be the best mom you feel like works for you. Don’t listen to others suggestions of what and how you “should” live your life.

Slow Down
It may seem like you have so many tasks to do all at the same time but the most important thing to think about is focus. Focus your time on getting one thing done at a time and at your own pace. If you are doing three things at once, you aren’t putting 100% of your attention towards that one task.

Find your passion
A huge key to happiness as a mother, partner and worker is to find your passion and follow it.

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