5 tips to make your nail paint last longer

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Don’t you just hate it when your pretty nail paint gets chipped? If you feel the same, we are here with you with some of the simple yet effective ways to extend the life of your nail paint and level up your nail game!

Don’t you just love your pretty and colourful nails while opening the door or pressing the lift button? Gorgeous nails are every girl’s dream. Be it matte nails, nail art, or a classic french manicure, you need to make sure that the nail paint does not chip easily and stays as gorgeous as ever.

But the frequent handwashing during the pandemic can be bit of a problem for your dreamy nails. To add to this, household chores like cooking can cause some serious chipping to your nails. So, here are 5 tips to make sure your nail paint lasts longer and stays fresh and glossy.

ALWAYS put a top coat

Ladies, this is an unspoken rule in the nail paint world. Always put a top coat after your nail paint has dried. This will not only make your nail paint last longer but will also give you a glossy sheen.

Use a hand cream

Hand creams are as essential as sunscreen. Use a hand cream twice a day to keep your hands moisturized and your nails pampered.

Paint the tips

Paint the very edge of your nails to cover the tips so that they don’t overgrow the nail paint easily.

Use a base coat

This one is a best-kept secret. Use a base coat before applying your nail paint so that it helps the nail paint to stick to your nails for a longer time.

Wear rubber gloves

This is easily the best culprit for your chipped nail paint. So, while doing household chores, wear gloves to protect your nails from the constant flow of water and soap and ensure gorgeous and glamorous nails!

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