5 ways to ace the light summer makeup look

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You can love it or hate it, but you can’t quite escape the summer heat. And if are someone who loves makeup, the summer season is definitely your most favourite season. But who said you can’t put on some nice makeup in summers? We’ve got these summer makeup tips for all the makeup loving girls! And, we are sure you would love tryin them all.

Use a concealer without foundation: Spending time in warm and humid weather will make your make-up look smudgy.

The weather and temperature is out of your control. But what you can control is your make-up. Use a concealer to cover shadows and spots on your skin. It will naturally blend with your skin tone and texture, making you look like you are not wearing any make-up at all.

Tinted moisturiser/sunscreen: Seal your make-up and concealer with a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen. Sunscreen, as you might know, is an essential during the summer season. The tinted cream will act as a foundation and even out your skin for a bright look.

Cheek to cheek make-up: Use a single neutral shade to highlight your cheeks, lips and eyelids. It will not only keep your bag light but also give you a monochromatic look that works best for the summer season.

Waterproof make-up: Invest in good quality water-resistant mascara and liner. We think, you can manage this summer season with just these make-up options. Best part, you won’t have to stress about liner and mascara running over your face due to humidity. And, you will have smear-proof eyes.

Bronzer no shimmer: Skip the shimmery look for this season. You can use a bronzer for a natural and neutral look. It also gives a delectable look of a tan.

Bronzer tan looks are in trend and look gorgeous on all skin types. It makes you look brighter. Apply it on the high points of your face where the sun hits you.

Summer season is a time when you must take a minimal approach to make-up: Wear less make-up. It would also be best to not use a powder blush to avoid the cakey look. Have proper tools to help you apply your make-up evenly so it doesn’t run on your face when the heat takes over. The best way to have a radiant summer is to invest in skincare essentials so your skin naturally looks healthy and happy.

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