5 Women-Friendly Destinations Across the World

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As a women traveler, what would delight you? A romantic place with uncountable options for shopping, beautiful places to roam & peaceful places to get lost to your dream world & heavenly places for stunning selfies !!

Well, we have compiled a list of 5 women Friendly destination from across the globe for you those are safe and secure, offer the unbelievable sights, varied cultures & helps you create memories those last forever. Read further to virtually travel with us some of the most amazing cities of the world.

1. Paris

No prices to guess this one on top of our list.  It’s a shoppers delight, it’s the most romantic city, it has rich history of architect, it’s the global centre for fashion & how can one miss out the delicious foods this city got to offer. Paris is nothing less than a dream city to travel. Perfect combination of art and culture. You won’t mind getting lost to it; it has got everything you can think of as a women traveler.

Top 5 Places to visit in The Paris are:

1. Eiffel Tower: It was completed in 1889 & was tallest tower at the time of its construction. More than 250 Million people have visited the tower so far & around 25000 people visit the place every day. You may opt to buy tickets online to avoid long queues

2.  Louvre Museum:  World’s Finest Art Galleries. You can see classic works of art of world renowned Mona lisa apart from millions of classic & modern gems of outstanding French artistry. It’s most visited gallery of the world. Except Tuesday, it generally remains open from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

3. The Pantheon: The Pantheon (Meaning “Every God”) was originally built as Church. After years of changes, it is now a secular mausoleum.  It offers spectacular sight. The architecture is astonishing and treat to eyes. One can see virtually all of Paris here.

4. Crypte Archeologique : This is a 80 m long space which takes you though ancient civilization of Paris.  It remains open between 10am to 6pm on all days except Monday

5. Disneyland:  It is the most celebrated theme park of whole of Europe.  If you are in Paris, don’t dare to miss out the fun & If you are planning a holiday in Paris than have this added in your itinerary

2. New York

We bet you would treasure having a holiday in New York for life. Times Square, Statue of liberty, Empire State Building are those cherished landmarks who would leave you amazed. The list doesn’t ends here. Museum of modern art, Brooklyn Bridge, Central park zoo gives you more reasons to travel this incredibly beautiful city.

3. Vienna

It’s the capital city of Austria & one of the safest cities to travel to for women. So, you can plan a night out and wander on the streets of the graceful city all alone to explore yourself without worrying your pretty little head about the security.  Vienna has a very pretty amazing history. Hofburg palace, schonbrunn palace, Belvedere proves the legacy of the city.

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most adorable city of Europe. Capital city of Netherland takes you through scenic view of ring of canals, really colorful and amusing het scheepvaart museum, divine oude kerk church and much more.  Cycling and boating is one of the best things to do on the shores of canal rings before having a relaxing evening at Amsterdam Brown Café to enjoy your meal, coffee or just to have a beer.

5. Las Vegas

Popularly known as Sin city, Las vegas would make you do everything that you never did at home.Indoor sky diving, High Roller coasters, dream racing experience, Machine gun Shooting ranges and icing on the cake, there are multiple free attractions too for you. Double decker buses, signature jumping fountain & more.  All of these activities and places would allure you so much that you may end up confused deciding from where to start. Using the services of an experienced tour planner would be handy to ensure you can use the tag line “why should boys have all the fun”.

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