6 Exercises For Flat Abs That You Can Do At Home

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6 Exercises For Flat Abs That You Can Do At Home

Belly fat exercises: Consistent training and a low-calorie diet regime needs to be followed if you want flat abs. Here’s an abs workout you can do at home to get the kind of abs you want.

Abs are surely one of the most difficult body parts to train. It takes weeks, sometimes even months of regular exercise and diet control to get flat or toned abs. If you too have been struggling to get your desired kind of abs, then here’s a workout routine that you can bank on. Shared by Sweat trainer Stephanie Sanzo, the workout can be easily done at home with minimal equipment. Abs wheel and dumbbell are the two equipment that Sanzo uses in this abs workout.

Belly fat: Abs workout you can try at home

The workout includes a total of six exercises and can be completed within six to 12 minutes. Yes that’s right! You need to take out just 10 minutes from your schedule to do this workout which can help you melt belly fat and have flat abs.

Here are the 6 exercises included in this abs workout:

  • Kneeling Ab Wheel – 10 eps
  • Side Plank Hip Lifts – 20 reps (10 per side)
  • Leg Raises – 10 reps
  • Russian Twists – 20 reps (10 per side)
  • McGill Sit-Up – 20 reps (10 per side)
  • Plank – Hold for as long as possible

Set a timer for 12 minutes and see how many laps you can do. Work towards doing 2-4 rounds of the workout for effective results. You can pair this workout along with your usual cardio or weight training routine. Half an hour or running, cycling, brisk-walking, jogging, etc can be done along with this abs workout.

Diet tips to get flat abs

For losing belly fat and weight in general, your total calorie intake needs to be less than the calories you burn in a day. You need to focus on consuming all food groups and not starve yourself.

1. Make sure your diet includes plenty of fibre and protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods help in building muscles and can aid weight loss. Fibre-rich foods are filling in nature and can reduce your appetite.

2. Limit your intake of refined carbs. Processed food, junk food and deep fried-food are a big no-no if you want to have flat abs.

3. Drink sufficient water and keep yourself well-hydrated at all times.

4. Do not forget to include foods rich in good fat like ghee, olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, avocado etc in your diet.

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