6 Monsoon Dressing Tips Every Working Woman Should Know

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The rainy season brings in a lot of joy and excitement especially after those hot months of summer. It is an awesome feeling to spend hours watching the rains at home and enjoying some hot snacks and a cup of coffee. However, the scenario completely changes once you step outdoors.

Here are the dressing tips every working woman should know –

#1 Opt for a bright and colourful umbrella

Be it summers or monsoons, an umbrella is your best friend. Enhance the look of your attire with these trendy umbrellas. If you love to wear plain colours, team it up with a printed umbrella and vice versa. It is advisable to use bright and colourful umbrella as it makes you stand out on the roads in this gloomy weather.

#2 Carrying a rain jacket in your bag does no harm

If you are not keen on carrying an umbrella during monsoons, you can choose from a wide variety of rain jackets. If you commute using public transport, go for a transparent raincoat and if you travel by your own vehicle, opt for these trendy reversible rain jackets.

#3 Let your footwear do the talking

The most important part of your dressing is the footwear especially during monsoons as there are puddles all around you. Add some funkiness to your look with these colourful shoes. Invest in a couple of rainy shoes to combat the rain water in style.

#4 Keep your belongings safe with a waterproof handbag

Avoid carrying your stylish leather handbag in this season as it may lose its shine. These water proof bags are your best bet this rainy season as they are stylish, colourful and roomy enough to store all your essential belongings. Available in a variety of colours and styles, a water proof bag is worth every penny.

#5 Choose the right outfits

Considering the heavy rains, it is advisable to go for these pretty short length dresses to avoid getting your lowers drenched. However, if you are on the traditional side, opt for these dress materials or chiffon sarees which are easy to dry and are the right choice during monsoons.

#6 Wear your makeup wisely

Most women avoid wearing any kind of makeup during monsoons and compromise on their looks. Instead of the regular ones, opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara which act as a saviour during this humid climate.

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