7 tips for sleeping well during hot weather as UK faces heatwave this weekend

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7 tips for sleeping well during hot weather as UK faces heatwave this weekend

Here are seven ways you can ensure you get a better night’s sleep, from closing your blinds during the day to sleeping downstairs

You may be feeling a little groggy this morning if you were one of many who didn’t sleep too well last night, as we experienced the hottest day of the year in the UK yesterday. The bad news is today is expected to be even warmer, with the mercury topping out at around 33C so there’s still time for you to make some changes to ensure you get a better night’s kip this evening.

With the Met Office already issuing a Level 3 Heat Alert this week, it’s best you try your best to avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day (11am to 3pm) and follow these tips to help you get the best sleep possible in the conditions.

1. Stay hydrated

It might sound fairly basic but it is one that is often forgotten: making sure you get enough fluids throughout the day will help your body to regulate its own temperature and keep you cool at night. Having a glass of water handy beside your bed can be useful if you wake up thirsty, and you may as well stick a few cubes of ice in there as well.

2. Avoid alcohol

This may be tricky for some as the most obvious place to go when the temperature rises is to your local pub beer garden or park for a few sundowners and a chat with friends. However, if you want to prioritise getting a good night’s sleep then this is best avoided as the alcohol will dehydrate you and make it harder to get some decent snooze.

3. Get a fan

If you haven’t already got one kicking about from the last couple of years somewhere, it’s never too late to go out and get yourself a fan. They’re generally fairly cheap and should last you a few summers at least.

With heatwaves becoming the norm in most of the UK every year now it’s best you invest in one.

4. Sleep with just a sheet

If it’s over 30C as it’s predicted to be today then that duvet on your bed is just going to irritate you and stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Keep it Mediterranean style at least until the temperatures start to drop a bit and you’ll definitely see the benefit.

5. Close blinds during the day (if your room faces the sun)

A slightly counterintuitive one as our instincts generally suggest we should open up everything, but it’s best to keep your blinds closed during the day if your bedroom gets a lot of the sun as this will help keep some of the heat at bay. Open them up, and your windows, once the temperature starts to drop a bit.

6. Take a cold shower

There is some debate over whether your shower or bath should be cold or just lukewarm, but the main thing here is do not keep getting hot showers when the weather is this warm. Another good trick is to submerge part of your body (hands or feet generally) in cold water to help get the rest of you cool during the warm summer months.

7. Try sleeping downstairs

This may depend on your living situation, but assuming you have a downstairs space then this is probably going to be cooler than your upstairs bedroom. As heat travels upwards (thank you science) then a kip on the couch may be easier than one upstairs in your bed if you’re really struggling.

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