7 Tips To Make Pregnancy And Early Motherhood Easier On Yourself

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Motherhood is a responsibility not just towards the baby and your family. While some things may be out of your hands, make pregnancy easier on yourself.

I was always apprehensive about delivering a baby. I was scared of the pain, the scars and the bitterness of the expected superwoman post delivery.

To my surprise, though, I was always calm during the entire pregnancy. I thought it was the baby who was keeping me happy all the time. I internalized the entire situation and realized that it was the love, care and support of my family.

I enjoyed my pregnancy to the fullest. Trust me ladies, it’s a great experience if we keep these things in mind.

You are NOT a superwoman, so don’t let anyone brainwash you

1. Never act like you are a superwoman pre and post delivery because it is not just you but you and your baby needs to be taken care of.

You and your baby come first, no matter what

2. Prioritize you and your baby coz if anything happens to you, your baby will be suffering inside your womb. The connection, bonding, emotions, meltdown is real and it is sometimes overwhelming. Staying happy contributes to overall mental health of you and your baby.

Do what you love during pregnancy

3. Do what you love. Spending quality time with your husband is one of the major aspects of making your journey easy and content. I believe if husbands participate, the process becomes smooth and lovely.

Understand and accept the process

4. The struggle is real, it is not like you plan a baby and it’s done. It takes time to heal, gain that strength back, everything changes, your life changes. Because you have to raise a little bundle of joy who will just be a play and fun for everyone, but for you and your husband, it is a great responsibility as well.

Men must understand that it’s a collective responsibility.

Only a doctor’s advice is correct – not that of sundry people around

5. Ignore fake advice and take the right ones. You need to be always careful about what to take in. When in doubt, consult a doctor. It’s time to use your brain ladies and use it wisely. Do not fight and get into arguments. Choose peace.

Plan a baby only if your spouse truly loves and supports you

6. This is the most important one, if your husband doesn’t love you, value you, support you or doesn’t understand the entire process, blames you for everything, it’s never too late. Do not plan a baby with such person.

It should be your choice

7. At last, I would like to conclude by saying, motherhood should be your choice not of the society, relatives and family you are living with. If it is your choice, you will end up happy.

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