A few red flags you shouldn’t ignore when dating a new guy

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They never initiate hanging out
There’s nothing wrong with conveying a little interest in a guy but in the dating game it’s safe to
take it easy on the texting and initiating hanging out with him. If is seems as if you are making
the first move every time, you should take that as a big red flag! It may be a sign that he’s not
that into you. A guy should be going out of his way to want to hang out with you.

They’re always too tired to make plans
Again, if effort on his end is lack luster, RUN. We all get busy and tired but if he only hits you up
at 11pm for a late night hang out session every now and then its clear you have become a booty
call. If you have plans to take things further than the title of “booty call” it’s not going to work out.
If you care and about someone, you make time to see them.

They aren’t engaged in your life
If they don’t ask questions about you and your life, but are more than interested about talking
about themselves, SWERVE! Men who are into a girl show interest in her life, care about what
is going on with her and want to be engaged in what she says.

They don’t pay for anything
Girl, what are you doing still in it if thats the case. Of course splitting on things is okay, but it is
also very nice to be taken out or surprised. But if you are over here being sugar mama while he
takes advantage of your selfless antics, problems will arise in the future. There has to be

They get caught in a lie early on
People love to exaggerate and tell little white lies to make them seem cooler than they actually
are. But if someone tells you they’re an attorney and it turns out they are an attorneys assistant,
that is just not a good sign. Walk away!

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