Approach to A Healthy Home: the Neglected Areas

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Besides general advice on dust control, dry, pest free, cleaning, home maintenance, well ventilation etc. there are some areas that are always overlooked by the residents. These areas are more often associated with the development of diseases. A healthy living environment can ensure the good health of the family. Here are some areas that deserve more of our attention:

  • CARPETS: are the essential part of every home, they give a clean look and add color to the home. But carpets incorporate dust, pollens and are also a source of growth for molds. Research shows residents of carpeted homes are more prone to the development of asthma because of the source of allergens harbored in their homes.
  • LEADED PAINTS: Compounds of lead used in wall paints as coloring agents. With the passage of time, fine particles and contaminates become airborne. It is well known that introduction of lead of long-term basis has very harmful effects on the body.
  • FLOOR AND WORKING SURFACES: Today widespread use of antibiotics leads to the development of germ resistance, sometimes hardly eliminated by antibiotics. Due to this reason, consistency is highly important to prevent the introduction of germs in the body. Clean often especially the floor and surfaces around younger children should be on the top of the list.
  • CHOPPING BOARD: It is considered that kitchenwares are incomplete without a chopping board. Mostly one of the sides of the board is used for vegetables as well as meat. When meat is cut over the board, it leaves plenty of juice on the surface. It is a well-known fact that meat juices are excellent medium for bacterial growth. If a board is not wash properly, it can be a continuous germ source to the foods we eat.
  • EAT GREEN AND EXERCISE: Healthy eating with plenty of fruits and vegetables enhance the immunity of an individual. Moreover, daily exercise can add a boosting effect. Research shows, people who eat healthy and has an exercise session in their daily routine face health issues.

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