Avoid Swollen Feet When Traveling

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Never forget to drink your water while traveling. It’s super important to hydrate when you are traveling or on vacation. Try to get rid of all the soda because drinks with sodium tend to make the swelling of your feet 10 times worse. Coffee also dehydrates you so if you plan on drinking anything but water, try and drink water as well so that you stay hydrated.

Lavender Oil and Epsom Salt Soak
Soak your feet in a combination of Epsom salt and lavender oil. It really does the trick. You can soak your entire body or just your feet in the tub of this mixture. Dissolve a couple cups of epsom salt in a warm water bath and then add about 18 drops of lavender oil. Take a minute to endure in the magic.

Prop Your Feet When Asleep
Keep your feet elevated when you sleep using extra pillows from your hotel room. This is also key!

Move Around
If you are driving or flying, it helps to move around every couple of hours. Or roll your ankles around in circles to keep the circulation moving and limit the swelling

Choice of Food
Limit your consumption of salt as much as you can. Of course you are going to want to indulge in some delicious food when you are on vacation, but opt out for a salad every once a while and this will help with the limiting of salty foods, which will in turn help with the swelling.

Pack some diuretics, it has a tremendous effect on the swelling of your feet!

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