Beauty Treatments That Will Help You Recover From The Holidays

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Mud Mask
After a few weeks of a stressful on-the-go schedule, soaking your body and relaxing will be the best remedy. Try using a mineral mud body mask that will nourish your skin and draw out toxins. A mud body mask is also very effective for good skin texture as well.

Hair Treatment
With the busy holiday season behind you, you can regroup your hair from being done for all the parties. A good treatment for your hair is an avocado mask to get your hair feeling hydrated and shiny. All you have to do is combine avocado with yogurt and honey!

You can also refresh your skin with a face scrub that is made of brown sugar, almond oil and honey. The sugar will exfoliate and remove dead skin, while the oil will give you instant moisture.

Clean Your Nails
The holidays call for a lot of color changes to your nails, and with it all being over, a cuticle oil will be very refreshing for your nails. Use a cotton ball to apply oil to your cuticles and them massage them for 5 minutes.

Face Mask
Now is the time to get aggressive with your skin care regimen, especially with it being a new year as well. Use a mud or clay-based mask on oily areas as well as a hydrating mask on dry areas. To smooth and depuff the area beneath your eyes, you can try an aloe-based sheet mask. These will do wonders!

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