Become A Morning Person!

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It is statistically proven that most successful people are morning people. A lot of us do not take advantage of the early morning like CEO’S, artists and athletes do. People spend their mornings procrastinating and hating mornings. The thing about that is science has proven that if you have a morning routine, it sets the rhythm for the rest of your day. That said, it’s time to change the the morning behaviors of snoozing 5 times, and rushing to get out of the house because you procrastinated. Below are a few things you can do to become that morning person you never thought you would even become.

Don’t Just Jump Out Of Bed
Give your body time to wake up allowing yourself at least 3 to 5 minutes to rub your eyes, stretch or just lay there. Do not allow your body to stress immediately, just relax for a couple minutes.

No Stress Activity
Begin your day with something you love, whether it be a nice hot shower, cuddles or breakfast. Whatever it may be, do just that right after you give yourself time to wake up. You’re morning will be much more pleasurable.

This is the hardest part but a very important one. Maximize your morning with exercise just 30 minutes after you wake up to get the juices flowing. A morning exercise isn’t to stress about fitness, it is just a little something to stimulate your mind and give you energy as well as releasing happy hormones called serotonin to array you through the day.

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