Can you wash your hair on your periods? Absolutely YES!

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Can you wash your hair on your periods Absolutely YES

Can you wash your hair on period? Yes, you can! According to Dr Cuterus, washing your hair during your menstrual cycle has no side effects.

Don’t eat sour foods during your period! Women shed impure blood during their periods! You risk losing your virginity if you use menstrual cups! There are some common period myths. There’s one more – that women shouldn’t wash their hair during the menstrual cycle as it can impact their chances of a pregnancy. Come, let’s bust this myth!

We are aware that it typically begins when a dadi, nani, or another old lady forbids menstruating women from engaging in certain activities. Not washing your hair during that period is also a part of those restrictions. Can you wash your hair on periods though? Well, the answer is a big YES!

Recently, Dr Tanaya Narendra, who is famously known by her Instagram handle Dr Cuterus, shared a video, in which she says, “Do not, absolutely do not listen to this myth. You can very much wash your hair on periods, as many times as you like, in whatever way you like.”

Revealing that it is a myth, she says, “The common misconception that people cite is that if you wash your hair on your period, your head will absorb all the water and it will transmit that cold energy into your uterus and then your uterus will not be able to bear children in the future.”

Apart from this, some women think that washing their hair during their periods will result in hair loss. However, it is also a myth. And that is completely untrue because there is no scientific evidence for refraining from bathing, taking a shower, or washing your hair when you are going through your menstrual cycle. In fact, taking a warm bath helps ease cramps and makes you feel better.

Dr Narendra explains, “The skin on the head and the skin all over your body is actually waterproof. So it’s not going to be absorbing that water. And that cold energy cannot be transmitted to your uterus like that.” So yes, you don’t need to compromise on your personal hygiene habits due to your periods!

But can periods affect your hair?

Well, the way menstruation can affect your mood and skin, it can also take a toll on your hair. Your hormone levels change a lot during a menstrual cycle. As a result, your body may create more testosterone, which may increase the release of sebum and result in greasy, oily, and sticky hair. Additionally, you might also notice that your scalp is irritated or sensitive and your hair is thinning or falling out.

But this is all because of hormone fluctuation, not because you are washing your hair during your period.

Lastly, Dr Narendra advises, “When you’re on your period, please remember to take care of yourself. It’s a painful experience. So if taking a shower and washing your head makes sense to you, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t do it.”

So, ladies, it’s absolutely a personal decision, based on your comfort level.

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