Detox Ingredients You Need To Add To Your Water

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Ginger is not only good for you to eat, but it works great as a detox ingredient in your water. It aids in your digestion cleanse your system and also settles your stomach. Some people don’t like the taste of ginger so if you are new to the flavor I would try starting out slow with a couple thin slices in your water. Plus, a little ginger goes a long way.

You see cucumber water a lot at spas because it is great for rehydration. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which is great plus. Slice up some cucumber and stick it in the fridge and every time you get a glass of water stick a few slices in the cup. Not only is it good for you but it is also very refreshing.

Lemon water makes for a great and powerful detox drink. Lemon juice aids in cleansing and alkalizing your body. You can either add a slice of lemon in your glass of water or squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your glass.

Mint is good for settling your stomach and also aids digestion. If you like a sweet drink, mint will add sweetness to your drink without you having to add sugar in your water.

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