Enhance Your Life By Reading Books

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The majority of today’s younger generation rarely read books. They mainly read books when they are forced to for example through school. They might read a few books per year and usually only the commercial, most generic best seller of the month. Which of course can be a good book but very often it’s not. But the problem is mainly the lack of depth and width of the books the youth reads.

One of the big similarities of successful people is that they read a lot of books. It’s said that Warren Buffet read about 8 hours a day. This makes a lot of sense, because how could you run a business and attract large amounts of money without knowledge? The entrepreneur Tai Lopez puts it quite simple, “the more books you read the more successful you’ll become”. Think of it this way, in general, all of the world’s smartest and most successful people put down their thoughts, methods and biographies in books. Then you can buy the book and in only a few days gain all the knowledge a person has gathered in a lifetime! When you think about it that way, how wonderful doesn’t it sound? And even better, most of the developed countries has libraries were you can borrow books for free. That is, you can gain all the knowledge in the world for free.

But still, very few young people take advantage of this excellent service. This is sure one of many tragedies of the modern society. The youth are more interested in watching TV, playing computer and partying. The positive thing is that if you break this norm and begin to educate yourself, for example read 50-100 books a year, you will be far more competent than most other people in your generation. (Of course you have to choose the books you read wise, reading 100 detective fiction novels won’t enhance your life that much). This will affect all parts of your life, for example it will be a lot easier to make yourself a good career in whatever field you choose. So go ahead and start to read books!

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