Essential Oils To Use During Labor

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Essential oils have many benefits for many different uses and one is for supporting labor. A lot of the times, essential oils are used during a time of sickness or for relaxation, but is very helpful when it comes to a mother’s birth time as well because your body is going through a great deal of physiological, emotional and mental changes. If you are interested in using essential oils, you want to make sure you smell them before you use because some do not appeal to everyone. This is to make sure you do not have any sort of ill reaction to the oil during your labor process. The list below will give you an idea of which oils are best for all situations during labor.

For Stalled Labor
If you are experiencing a stalled labor, the best oils to use for this are clary sage, jasmine and myrrh. Try inhaling, applying to ankle acupressure points or massaging the uterus with one of these oils to help encore contractions. If you are not in labor yet, these oils are not recommended.

For Back Pain
To ease your back win during labor, try using peppermint or lavender oils. Have your partner give you a massage the oil into your back to help. Again, of you use peppermint, avoid it after 8 cm.

For Fear & Anxiety
Fear and anxiety are common in the labor room. Oils that best fit this situation are yang yang, lavender, geranium, and chamomile. You can use these oils through a massage of diffusion to relax and ease your fears.

For Nausea
The best oils for stalled labor are peppermint, lemon, and rosewood. Best way to use these is by inhaling them through diffusion or on a cotton pad under the nose. If you decide to use peppermint, you want to avoid use after 8 cm.

For Uterine Discomfort
Oils recommended for uterine discomfort are lavender and frankincense. Use these oils through a massage over your uterus or soak warm clothes in water and oil and then apply it over the uterus.

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