Every Woman Should Follow These Magical 7 Food Tips For Healthy Body

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Women, who are always juggling in between work and travel, often miss out on proper nutrition. Here are a few health tips that women must follow in order to lead a healthy life.

As women, many of us are frequently prone to neglecting our own dietary needs. You may feel that you’re too busy to eat well or used to putting the needs of your family before your own. Or, perhaps you’re trying to stick to an extreme diet that leaves you short on essential nutrients and makes you feel cranky, hungry or low on energy.

Nutritionist, Anjali Mukerjee shares on her Instagram post ”Skipping meals or missing out on proper nutrition is common among women on the go. Here are 8 healthful tips to keep at the top of your mind throughout the day. When you follow them, you maximize your performance throughout the day by concentrating better for longer durations.” Women tend to multitask and hence it becomes extremely essential for them to have a well-balanced and healthy diet. So, what are the best ways to keep up with women’s nutrition and stay healthy and fit? Here’re a few tips that expert recommends following.

7 key Nutrition Tips for Women that should be immediately indulged in

  1. Begin by shopping for healthy foods. Eat more protein-rich foods and avoid sugar-based foods.
  2. Include calcium-rich foods everyday: Another tip for women’s nutrition is to have at least two calcium-rich foods every day
  3. Add limes and lemons: Use limes and lemons to add to water, salad dressings or dals
  4. Consume soaked almonds: For snacks in between meals, soaked almonds can be consumed.
  5. Include sprouts in your daily meals
  6. Eat small portions of three-four nutritious meals and two snacks a day, instead of skipping meals, to maintain an efficient metabolism
  7. Manage stress by finding a work-life balance. Try activities like yoga, meditation, dancing and walking to release stress
  8. Do ‘not miss out on exercise. Exercise should be taken up without fail and the fitness routine should be taken seriously.

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