Expert shares health warnings women should be aware of in their 30s

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“These health issues affect your body and weaken your immune system,” Dr Kohli said

‘Age is just a number’ — While this proverb is really common, it might not stand true when it comes to your health and overall well-being. As one grows older, there’s an increase in the number of severe healthcare issues, Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli said.

Women, especially, must pay added attention as “many acute health disorders occur when you are in your 30s”. “These health issues affect your body and weaken your immune system,” Dr Kohli wrote on Instagram.

Here are some health warnings every woman must be aware of in their 30s, according to the Ayurvedic expert.

*Are you having trouble losing weight? It could be a warning sign, Dr Kohli said.

*Apart from external factors, persistent hair loss can be a sign of a lack of important nutrients in the body.

*”Constantly ticking biological clock causing trouble while getting pregnant” is another issue faced by many women in their 30s.

*If you are having unnatural and unexpected vaginal bleeding due to an abnormal menstrual cycle, consult an expert immediately.

*Another crucial warning sign could be “evolving skin pattern with changing moles or spots on the skin“, she said.

*If you are facing breathing difficulties, chances are you are suffering from respiratory issues.

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