Fashion Rules Every Plus Size Woman Should Ignore

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Plus size women face challenges that average size women don’t. As a result they have been given so many rules to “help” them look better. However, these rules only limit them even more in what they can wear and alters how they feel about their bodies. So here are a few rules plus size women should completely ignore so they can feel as beautiful as they look.

  1. No horizontal stripes – Plus size women can absolutely wear horizontal stripes! Its bee said that horizontal stripes make people look wider, and that can be true, however it’s all about how you wear horizontal stripes that makes the difference. Wearing a skirt with large bold horizontal stripes in contrasting colors paired with a crisp button down shirt look both elegant and striking. How about a bold striped top with Capri jeans and sexy strappy sandals?? The stripes now become a way to stand out and the attention will be on your style, not your size.
  2. Wearing darker, slimming colors – Plus sized women do not have to be restricted by a wardrobe of neutrals, black and navy! Colors are a plus sized woman’s best friend!! By wearing bright colors that compliment your skin tone you can look effortless and beautiful. A maxi dress in a beautiful coral, bright blue or even yellow paired with a great pair of shoes can and will make you look fresh and confident.
  3. Sticking to one color – Plus size women have often worn dresses or separates in monotone color schemes to create a streamlined look. But what really create that look are shapes and silhouettes, not colors. Focus on what shapes flatter you; Think wrap dresses in a colorful patterns, a gorgeous A-line skirt for a curvy body, body-hugging (yes I said body hugging) silhouettes which will pull the focus to your curvy figure. Most plus size women think that bigger clothes or extra draping will “hide” their problem areas but those styles actually make you look larger and unflattering.

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