Fashion Tips To Dress Like The Ultimate Girly Girl This Summer

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Get ready to embrace your inner girly girl this summer with floral prints, bows, and flirty summer dresses. Layer on delicate jewelry and add hints of bling for a feminine touch!

With all the bows and frilly pinks in trend right now, it’s time to embrace your inner girly girl! Flared jeans and tank tops have been a Summer staple for as long as we can remember, but if your girly side is what you wanna embrace this year, then we have a few solid tips.

Laid-back and casual style has ruled the streets for a hot minute now, but if there’s one thing about fashion, it’s the freedom to do whatever you want with it. Wanna dress girly? Go right ahead and make that happen

How to dress like a girly girl this Summer


Summer and florals are a match made in heaven and that’s that! Much like Sonam Kapoor, fill up your Summer closet with a bunch of floral prints for the ultimate feminine look. From Summer dresses to tops, skirts, and even accessories, florals are where everyone is at this season.


The bow-gate is still as rampant as ever. From using them as hair accessories to incorporating them in outfits, bows are quite literally – everywhere. The most classic way to use a bow is to pin it in your hair for a more feminine energy.

Summer dresses

While floral prints are a given, experiment with delicate straps and go for silhouettes with a tighter bust, cinched waist and a more flared bottom. In fact, if there’s a slit in the mix, that works even better.

Layer up

Girly girls are not scared of accessories. They love what they love and they love wearing stacks of gorgeous jewellery. Be it layered pendants, rings or even hair accessories, delicate jewellery is key this Summer.

Bling bling

Not just sequined dresses, but glittery eyeshadow and hints of bling in your accessories and shoes go a long way in accentuating the look.

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