Here Are 4 Less Tourist-y Destinations That You Should Visit in Your Lifetime

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If you’re a travel junkie, you’ve probably considered and even traveled all the bucket list essentials like London, Paris, Dubai, Spain, Tokyo and all of the top tourist destinations. If you want to explore outside the travel box, you should check out these 5 less touristy destinations.

Fez, Morocco

This town makes up for the lack of touristy and fashion updated elements with its authentic culture and old-world charm that is cherished by native Morroccans.

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Camaguey, Cuba

This part of central Cuba is known for its historic, labyrinthine town that is encompassed by cobblestone streets welcoming locals, and colorful colonial architecture. One place in particular to visit is Bar El Cambio. It’s a graffiti-covered neighborhood dive bar that serves Afro-Cuban tunes and Cuban rum 24 hours a day!

Patagonia, Chile

If you are ever traveling to Santiago, Chile, add on a few extra days so you can go south off the grid and journey down the coast through a scenic frontier. The scenery is breathtaking. It will shock you how amazing the beautiful snowcapped Andes mountains are. Not only that but you will get to escape to the glacial blue lakes and extraordinary wildlife.

Malmo, Sweden

This little town just 4 and a half hours from Stockholm is described to the capital city’s secretly cooler little sister. This town has a variety of cutting edge art galleries, skate parks, and cafes to give a friendly and young atmosphere.

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