How to Break your Sugar Addiction

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Having a sweet tooth when you are trying to cut sugar out of your diet is one of the worst things. It’s hard to break the sugar hype once you’re on a roll. Here are a few tips to break that sugar addiction in one week.

Get some sleep
If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will crave sugar throughout the day. Try getting 7-9 hours of sleep and your cravings will vanish.

Keep it out of sight
If you don’t have access to any sugary foods, you won’t develop the urge to eat them. If you resist eating sugar for a week, your body will stop craving it.

Eat healthy foods
Staying away from processed foods and eating meats, vegetables and fruits instead will help you get over your sugar craving. If you feel the need to eat sugar just snack on some grapes and it will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Eat protein
Instead of sugar, eat protein because it gives our bodies a pick-me-up without a fast crash. Whereas sugar gives us a quick pick-me-up and then sends us crashing. Plus, protein will keep you feeling fuller longer.

Many of us stress eat and when we’re stressed, we tend to eat sugary foods. To distract your body from the stress, exercise daily and you’ll start craving healthy foods that fuel your body.

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