How to curl your hair with a straightener? Tips and techniques

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In the long list of hair and beauty hacks, curling hair with a straightener is one of the most popular and practiced hacks. People with naturally straight hair always search for ways to avail of bouncy, wavy hair, as curls never go out of style. Every decade has adapted to its own version of curls, be it Victoria’s Secret glossy waves, the ‘90s supermodel blowout, or TikTok’s viral butterfly haircut.

Beauty enthusiasts have constantly come up with different ways to curl their naturally straight hair, whether using hot rollers, ribbons, round brushes, curling wands, or the latest hack of using a hair straightener.

As the name suggests, hair straighteners are designed to flatten out curls and bend for a smooth and flat hair look. However, when used in a certain way, one of the dual features of hair straighteners is that they can help create waves and curls. There are multiple techniques that can help one achieve every curl hairstyle, from S-waves to bouncy curls – the magic lies in knowing what to do and how to do it.

Beach waves to bouncy curls: Techniques and tips for curling hair with a straightener explored

To curl hair with a straightener, start with a small section of hair and clamp down the flat iron toward the top of the hair section. Next, pull the flat iron down the hair shaft just like straightening, but when it gets to the part of the hair where one would like the curl, stop and pivot the flat iron 180 degrees away from the face. Finally, gently pull down the straightener through the rest of the hair.

Repeat the same for each section of the hair, and once the entire hair is curled, use your fingers to massage the roots, which will help break up the curls and reveal a beachy, undone hairstyle.

C-shape beach wave:

For simple Beach C-Waves, make a “C” shape with the rounded curve of the flat iron facing the outside. Depending on how many waves one wants, one can drag the flat iron a little shorter or longer when creating the C-shape wave.

One can also repeat the mentioned motion in the opposite direction to create an “S,” which will result in S-shaped curls. Make sure to use your fingers and add a spritz of sea salt spray to loosen up the curls.

To create Bouncy Curls:

Bouncy curls are all about creating lift and volume

  • For bouncy curls, start about one inch away from the root, hold the iron vertically and slightly tilted away from the face, and keep pressing down.
  • Twist the straightener and turn it away from the face. Use this tension and hold the ends of the hair when gliding the iron halfway down the length.
  • Repeat the process twice per strand for extra bounce and work on larger sections to make the bouncy curls appear looser.

With the right-hand grip, flat iron temperature, and hold, one can achieve beach-like, bouncy curls without using a curling rod or overnight curling methods.

When curling hair using a flat iron, always start with a heat protectant in spray, oil, or cream form. Additionally, one of the tips to keep in mind when curling hair using a straightener is to be aware of how one is closing the iron based on the end result.

Holding the flat iron vertically and using adequate pressure by using large sections of the hair can enhance the shape of the curl. Moreover, always keep the flat iron moving throughout the hair, as clamping it in one place for too long will result in the risk of burning the tresses.

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