How To Get Rid Of Hard To Remove Oil Stains

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You know those tough to remove oil stains that you have in that favorite shirt of yours, and even after all the times you’ve washed it, it never seems to come out? Well here is a solution!

What you’ll need:
Old toothbrush
Baking soda
Dawn liquid soap

1. Place your stained shirt on a piece of card board and spray each oil stain with WD-40. Be sure to only spray on the amount in the area of the stain and not all over your shirt.

2. Pour a pile of baking soda on the oil stain and make sure you add more than you think you’ll need.

3. Take the toothbrush and spread the baking soda around brush into the oil stained area. Just keep brushing until there are chunks of baking soda everywhere. This is when you know the baking soda has absorbed all of the oil in the fabric.

4. Dust off the baking soda and remove the cardboard from under the shirt. You will see the oil stains absorbed into the cardboard.

5. Repeat the process over again minus the WD-40 and once you are able to brush the baking soda around with almost no lumps, you are all done with the oil removal process!

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