How to Style Straight-Fit Jeans Like a Model: 10 Amazing Tips

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The work-from-home trend has been a turnaround in the fashion industry and has massively impacted our choice of clothing. Instead of flaunting skinny legs, most girls are inclined to wear comfortable clothing like straight-fit jeans.

However, it raises a new question – how to style straight-fit jeans?

It starts with selecting the right size. Having a relaxed fit does not mean you should choose a larger size. Go with your perfect size, but the cut should be straight from top to bottom.

Stylish straight-fit jeans should fit perfectly on your waist, not above or below. The waistline should be neither too tight nor loose, but you should be able to slide two fingers.

The next option is to look for matching accessories, including a top, footwear, bag or anything that makes your outfit looks trendy.

10 Amazing Tips to Style Straight-Fit Jeans Like a Model

1. Match it with a blazer

Blazers and straight-fit jeans are paired in heaven! You can get a sport casual and semi-casual look with the blazer and jeans combo. The type of blazer you wear can differentiate your look.

Pair straight-fit jeans with a casual blazer over a quirky t-shirt, and you are party-ready in minutes. Casual blazers have a less-structured look, and that can make you look cool and stylish.

Wear a blazer over a formal shirt and pair it with straight-leg jeans for an occasion with office peers. Blazers are available in various light and dark shades and are versatile when it comes to styling. Mix and match the denim shades with complementary colours to get your desired look.

This product is made with pure cotton and a shawl collar. You get a premium checkered design, two pockets and long sleeves – in various sizes, making it a great fit for all.

2. Fold it at the hem

Wearing the right length straight-fit jeans makes you look classy. The hem of your jeans should be below your ankle, slightly above your toes. This creates a folded look towards the hem and gives a break above your shoes.

You can also fold the bottom of your jeans and wear sneakers for a funky look. Ensure your jeans are short. Otherwise, it will make things look messier near the shoes.

This stylish and durable product is made with 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester 2% Spandex. It’s mid-rise, non-stretchable but relaxed and extremely comfortable for regular wear.

3. Pair with regular t-shirts

Looking for an outfit idea for regular wear? Then pair it with a stylish, regular-fit printed t-shirt to have a decent and purely comfortable look. It’s made with 100% durable cotton and fits within a budget.

Also, try experimenting with turtle neck, v-neck or round-neck t-shirts in vibrant colours, including pink, green, blue, etc., for an astonishing casual look. They look wonderful with blue straight-fit jeans and make you stand out on a relaxed day.

4. Carry a modish bag

A good-looking bag surely helps elevate your look. But you need to ensure it’s not too vibrant and not too dull. The bag shown in the image easily matches regular blue and black jeans.

Meanwhile, other accessories are equally important, like earrings, bracelets, belts, chains, etc. They help improve the overall look and add the much-needed final touch to complete your flawless outfit.

Another easiest way to accessorize your straight jeans is with a belt! Whether it is a fabric belt that hangs out, a simple leather one or any belt that adds to the character of your look. On the other hand, if you want to go bold, add some chains, a pocket watch or many other things to the belt loops on your straight jeans.

5. Take care of the footwear

Unlike slim-fit jeans, straight-fit jeans are much wider at the bottom. While this is part of the appeal, it can often make outfits you wear with skinnier pants harder to work with. Most importantly, this change is seen in footwear. With the wider bottom, high shoes that usually go over skinnier pants can often get in the way of your jeans’ hem. This not only feels weird but can make your entire outfit look strange.

So, when styling straight-fit jeans, always look for footwear that goes with it. These are primarily low sneakers or loafers which don’t come into contact with the bottom of your jeans. Heels will also work, but they tend to become a strange mix of casual and party wear with these jeans.

6. Rugged straight-fit jeans

Rugged jeans are one simple styling solution. Cut your existing jeans using scissors with a plan of how much you want to remove. This is because going overboard can open up too much, and you might need more denim! Whatever the case is, ripped jeans are a great way to have fun while making and wearing them!

Not sure about your cutting skills? Get these pre-cut, rugged, straight-fit jeans. It’s stylish and comes in a regular medium shade of faded blue jeans. It’s non-stretchable but very comfortable, and you also get the 5-pocket benefit.

7. Beautiful turtle neck for a classy winter look

A turtle neck top with straight-fit jeans is one perfect styling option that can keep you warm and classy simultaneously. These two completely different clothing items work amazingly together and can give you a peaceful and warm vibe that would make anyone jealous in the cold.
When picking out the right turtle neck, look for something that isn’t too loose or large. Something that can compete with the look of your jeans.

Instead, a fitted turtle neck top like this would be the perfect combo for a balanced look. You also get various colour options for the same variant, including white, black, chocolate, lavender, orange, pink, blue and red. Select the one that best suits your personality. I loved the light-green option.

8. Don’t forget the crop top

Straight-fit jeans nearly match all tops you can think about, and crop tops are probably the easiest. The outfit helps you to look cute and ready for a fun day. Whether a high-neck, low-neck, full-sleeve or anything in between, crop tops work wonders with straight jeans.

Pair it with a belt or some accessories to add to a crop top outfit, as these can help the outfit look a bit more dazzling and not too casual.

Stylish body-hugging crop tops may not look appealing because loose jeans don’t naturally pair with them. Instead, I recommend you try a regular crop top similar to the one shown in the image. It also comes in red, pink, beige and blue.

9. Tucked-in shirt for an extraordinary look

This style tip is perfect if you are passionate about straight jeans but need to ditch them for corporate attire. Pairing straight jeans with a tucked-in shirt can help you get the ideal semi-formal look that works well at work and dinner. All you need is a good-fitted shirt and a pair of straight-fit jeans to match!

When picking a shirt, try finding something that contrasts with your jeans. For example, this neutral combo of a brown shirt and blue jeans tends to go well for all occasions and is pretty easy to match.

This shirt is a bit more casual and will not work for offices that require strict formal attire. But it’s a great option for regular corporates. It even looks great with open sleeves.

10. A bold look with a denim jacket

Uplift your outfit game by wearing a denim jacket. These jackets provide a bold look and can make you go from a day out to party-ready in no time. Additionally, denim jackets are highly functional, often having loads of pockets so you can carry around everything you need!

For this double denim route, look at the separate colour straight jeans and denim jacket. This is because having too much blue in your outfit can look strange. So, one of the best ways to get past this is by pairing a blue jacket with black jeans or trying dark blue jeans with a faded Demin jacket like the one above.


Regular-fit jeans are casual and the easiest to match with different clothing and accessories to get a model-like look.

However, some styles look better than others, and the tips I mentioned can truly fashion straight-fit jeans into any style, occasion or location that you are going to. All you have to do is pair it up with the right top, accessories and footwear, and you’ll have a comfortable outfit that is sure to look glam.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment and try your unique styles. Check out the similar high-waist jeans, as these styling techniques will also work on them.

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