How to Wear Hair Extensions at Home: A Guide for Beginners

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How to Wear Hair Extensions at Home A Guide for Beginners

Follow these tips and tricks while wearing your hair extensions at home.

Hair extensions can give you the length, volume, and style you have been dreaming of without needing to wait months or even years! With proper installation techniques and care instructions provided, it is possible to apply hair extensions on your own right at home.

Whether your hair is in need of a boost of length or volume, using extensions can be an easy and efficient way to give it just that. In this post, we will provide helpful tips & tricks for easy at-home application of hair extensions. Read on for more.

The Basics of Hair Extensions

Before doing anything, it is essential to understand what hair extensions are and how they work. Essentially, hair extensions add volume and length to your natural hair. They can come in the form of pre-tipped wefts or i-tip strands that need to be attached by beads or keratin bonds respectively. Doing so helps create a seamless blend with your existing hair, making them much more discreet than traditional wigs or pieces.

Choose Wisely When Shopping for Hair Extensions

When selecting a type of extension it’s worth considering things such as its cost (pre-tipped/i-tip), quality (human vs synthetic), and ease of application process depending on which technique you feel most comfortable using.

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