How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants, the Comfy, Celebrity-Approved Fashion Trend That’s Here to Stay

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How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants, the Comfy, Celebrity-Approved Fashion Trend That's Here to Stay

It’ll be easier than ever to pull off the look with these three outfit ideas.

It’s easy for us to get excited about rising fashion trends, whether we’re talking break-your-ankle platform shoes or subtly sexy corset tops. But despite all that temptation to test out the latest runway looks and celebrity “It” items, figuring out how to pull these pieces off in real life can often leave us stumped. For instance, we may have ditched skinny jeans years ago, but learning how to wear wide-leg pants — without looking like we shopped a stranger’s wardrobe — took a bit of experimentation. However, we have figured it out, and are more than happy to share this newfound knowledge.

The good thing about wide-leg pants, and especially wide-leg trousers, is that they’re as versatile as jeans while still being roomy and comfortable, just like sweats. Plus, there’s really only one thing to consider when putting together your look: proportion. Ahead, we’re sharing our favorite ways to wear wide-leg pants, breaking down a few quick tips and outfit ideas that are bound to spark inspiration.

The Everyday Way

The key to wearing wide-leg pants is that, while they’re meant to be roomy in width, you should still make sure the length hits right where you want them to (preferably just below the ankle), which can be achieved with tailoring. After that, you can style these babies as you would your go-to pair of pants or jeans, whether you opt for a graphic T-shirt or a sharp-looking blazer.

With Oversized Items

If Hailey Bieber is your style icon, then you know the model and Rhode beauty founder loves to pair oversized pieces together. Styling your wide-leg pants with a baggy top or jacket creates a uniform look that feels intentional, but if you’re worried about coming off as lax rather than luxe, add a pair of heels.

With Slim-Fitting Tops

Wide-leg pants are less restrictive than other options and easy to move around in, but if you’re worried about getting lost underneath baggy clothing, opt for a fitted top. A ribbed cardigan or tight turtleneck will provide a bit of balance and still allow you to show off your shape.

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