Jogging for Women: Tips on How to Get Started and Enjoy It

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Regular exercise has numerous benefits, and running for thirty to forty minutes three times per week can be an excellent method to improve stamina and muscle while shedding fat. Further, being one of the most versatile forms of exercise, jogging is truly for everyone, as it has many great effects on the way you feel both physically and mentally.

Running, or jogging, happens to be among the most basic and natural aerobic activities one can opt for. It doesn’t require any equipment, talent, training, or even a costly gym membership to get started, making it an excellent choice for most people trying to get healthy and feel better.

Jogging for Women: Tips for Starting and Mastering It

If you’ve never run previously, you may have no idea how to begin jogging or what kind of jogging strategies you should use to get you started in an effective and reasonable manner. Jogging tips for women include:

1) Start walking first

If you’re new to an active lifestyle or are out of shape currently, start with walking before jumping into a jogging schedule. Begin by walking for 15–20 minutes per day, and gradually raise your walking pace until jogging feels easier.

When you’re ready to begin jogging, begin each run by brisk walking and slowly transition into jogging.

2) Be regular

Consistency is key when you’re embarking on any kind of fitness journey. More often than not, people start enthusiastically in the beginning, then slowly lose motivation.

To avoid this, set a concrete routine. Go for a walk every day at the same time, and you can even try listening to the same kind of music every day to maintain uniformity.

3) Treat yourself

After you exercise, reward yourself with something you appreciate so that your brain associates activity with immediate pleasure. You have to educate the brain by doing something that you love, like listening to music or even by eating something that you like.

4) Walk/jog hybrid

Once you feel you have enough stamina to start jogging, the best strategy is to keep switching between walking and jogging. Jogging can make you feel tired and breathless.

In this strategy, you set a timer for both activities, which you can split according to your schedule. However, at the beginning, starting with a two-minute walk and a minute-long jog might be a good idea.

5) Stay hydrated

As we discussed in the above point, jogging can be a tiring activity. All the sweat is great for weight loss, but it results in you feeling dehydrated just as quickly. Hence, drinking small amounts of water every 20 odd minutes is always a good idea. For this, you can carry a small portable bottle with you on your run. This might feel like an added burden, but try to think of it as an investment.

6) Make the right shoe choices

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when you first embark on this journey. Jogging for women can become way easier if you make the right shoe choices. Buy supportive running shoes that will provide you with an extra layer of assistance as well as prevent a possible injury.

7) Fuel your body

When it involves fueling, jogging requires no special considerations. In general, taking a little carbohydrate-rich snack about forty to sixty minutes prior to your jog can provide you with much-needed energy to complete your session. Make sure you don’t undereat, as this might result in you fainting during the jog and can cause severe health issues.

8) Find a partner

Lastly, everything is better with a friend. If you have a spouse, friend, or sibling that’s not only supporting you but also embarking on this journey themselves, it will surely motivate you to get out of bed even on days you feel lazy. It’s also a good way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t get off track.

Jogging for women is a good activity that is simple to do, may help you lose weight, and is also an excellent means to clear your mind. By following the simple tactics outlined above, you may begin your jogging journey now and start loving it in no time.

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