Ladies, This Is The Worst Time To Weigh Yourself

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As per Rashi Chowdhary, women should not think about weight loss a week before their periods.

The process of losing weight can be extremely challenging. It involves various strategies like exercise, dieting, and activities such as Zumba and yoga. Many people closely monitor their progress by weighing themselves daily. However, it is crucial to know that for women, who are working on shedding extra pounds, there is a specific time when you should avoid checking your weight. In a recent Instagram video, nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary shared some valuable advice: “I would highly recommend you do not check your weight in the second half of your luteal phase that is a week before your period.”

As per nutritionist Chowdhary, “After everything your body went through up until you ovulated this is the time your body deserves rest. And at times, we notice we’ve gained weight before our period. And that’s okay, honestly thinking about weight loss during this time would be worst time actually.”

During the second half of your luteal phase, Rashi Chowdhary advises not to focus on weight loss for some important reasons:

1. Increased metabolism resistance: As progesterone and oestrogen levels rise, your metabolism becomes less efficient at processing and breaking down carbohydrates. This means your body may struggle to handle the carbs you consume effectively.

2. Metabolism and appetite changes: About 24 hours after ovulation, progesterone becomes dominant and continues to rise. This not only revs up your metabolism but also intensifies your appetite. As a result, you may find yourself consuming more calories than you typically do, which can hinder your weight loss efforts.

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