Mom Tricks That Are Genius

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1. Keep your kids school lunch cool by freezing a sponge and throwing it into their lunch box before they go to school.

2. Instead of diluting the kiddos juice with ice cubes, freeze grapes and use those as “ice cubes” to keep it cool with fiber.

3. If you’re kids are grounded from their technology devices, take away their chargers, it is a great motivator.

4. Toddler having trouble falling asleep? Try feeding them a banana before bedtime, and they will be sound asleep in no time

5. Create marshmallow ouch pads for those little wounds. Place marshmallows in a zip lock bag and freeze it. This creates a lightweight “ice-pack” that doesn’t hold too much cold. Perfect for little boo-boos.

6. Keep ids from using an immense amount of soap by placing a rubber band around the soap pump to regulate the amount of soap that comes out and then you won’t have a huge soapy mess when they wash their hands.

7. Instead of having to take away an entire game system when your kids if grounded, you can just unplug it and put a lock on one of the prongs to lee it from being plugged in until they are not grounded anymore.

8. Use painters tape on the lock of doors to keep toddlers from locking themselves in a room

9. Put a pool noodle under the sheets to prevent your little one from rolling off the bed when you are traveling and the hotel does not have a bedrail on the kids bed

10. Need an emergency zippy cup? Put cling wrap over a regular cup and poke a hole in it for a straw.

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