Are You and Your Mom BFFs? Here’s How to Know For Sure

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I have no shame in telling you that my mom is my best friend in the whole world. Nobody knows me better than her, and now that I have gotten older it’s easy to see how much we have in common. She’s my biggest cheerleader, and I look to her for advice on a daily basis. I know I’m not the only one out there with an incredibly cool mother, so here’s 16 signs that your mom is your BFF.

#1 She’s your biggest fan.

You might roll your eyes when she’s rooting for you in the crowd or blowing up your Facebook, but you know it’s because she pretty much adores you.

#2 She’s your favorite shopping buddy.

And if she’s not with you, you’re texting her a picture of everything you buy.

#3 She will help you with tasks no other human being is willing to do.

Why are moms so fearless?

#4 When you’re having a bad day, she’s the first person you call.

#5 You know exactly what she’s thinking when she gives you “the look.”

That one look your mom gives you for a split second — it’s all you need to know to understand exactly what she’s thinking.

#6 She’s always looking out for you.

Whether there’s an issue with relationships, jobs, or health, she definitely has an opinion. She cares, like, a lot.

#7 She’ll tell you when you are getting a crap attitude.

You’ll hate to hear it, but you know it’s true.

#8 Sometimes you do things for her just because you want to make her happy.

#9 She worries about you like crazy, but you tolerate it.

It’s out of love. It’s out of love. Just keep saying that over and over.

#10 She knows exactly how to make you laugh.

Usually it’s out of embarrassment.

#11 She drops brutally honest advice on the regular.

That’s what best friends are for.

#12 She’s really good at calming you down.

Is that the kind of stuff they teach you in secret mom school?

#13 Your mom knows more about your own health than you do.

And you’re kind of grateful for it.

#14 If you’re making a bad decision, she’ll turn that around ASAP.

Tough love is necessary.

#15 You look up to your mom because you’re pretty sure she’s all knowing.

Moms are like human encyclopedias.

#16 She is your main source of comfort.

There is nothing more soothing than your mom telling you that everything will be OK.

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