Run Like A Pro With These Few Tips

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Dress The Part
You don’t have to go and buy anything crazy but do spend your money wisely. You should focus on buying the perfect pair of running shoes that suits you. This can be the difference between feeling light on your feet or just sluggish. It is also important to have great ankle support which will help you prevent injuries.

You have to be consistent with your running schedule. If you stop running for a while you will need to build your conditioning back up. Keep it consistent so you can take your workout to the next level.

Fuel Correctly
It is not suggested that you run on an empty stomach because it can keep you from attaining the right level of energy you need for the run. Eating too much can also be an issue because it can cause cramps while on your run. Try opting for a little snack that contains carbs and protein for sustained energy. It’s important to fuel right even if you are in a rush and running out the door but haven’t had anything to eat. At that point just eat a little something that has 15 grams of easily digestible carbs. For instance a slice of bread.

Drink Water
This is crucial because drinking enough water will ensure that you will have a good run. If you don’t drink enough water before and during your run, you will experience cramping and fatigue. it is ideal to drink an ounce of water for every 10 pounds of body weight an hour or two before your workout.

Learn Proper Form
Now it may not seem running is running, theres not form. But, it is important that you keep your head stacked over your spine while relaxing your shoulders and engaging your abs.

Do More Than Just Run
Don’t limit yourself to running. Make sure you stretch, strength train and get enough sleep for your body to stay healthy!

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