Signs That You Are In Need Of Magnesium In Your Diet

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Stress effects the body in a multitude of ways, including increased blood pressure and heart rate, and triggering the release of various hormones. A reason why stress happens is because you might be low on magnesium stores in your body.

Muscle Cramps
If you find that your muscles are cramping often, this may be because you have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium really helps relax your muscles and keeps them from seizing.

Chocolate Cravings
Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and if you seem to be craving chocolate, it may be one way your body is telling you that it doesn’t have a sufficient amount of magnesium.

Unable To Sleep
Having trouble sleeping? This might be due to a magnesium deficiency. Insomniacs usually have an electrolyte imbalance which is cause by low magnesium levels.

Caffeine Consumption
When you drink too much coffee, your kidneys release magnesium whether or not your body needs it or not.If you drink caffeine often you could be depleting your bodies magnesium.

If you are constantly constipated, having magnesium deficiency could be a part of the reason. Magnesium usually helps your intestines relax, much like it helps blood vessels become more open, so they can do their job. If you have enough magnesium, your body pulls extra water into your bowels allowing them to work properly.

Increased Alcohol Intake
When you drink a lot of alcohol, the amount of magnesium in your body could be as low as 30
% because alcohol encourages the kidneys to flush out most of it while simultaneously making the digestive system less effective.

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