Simple Beauty Tips For Girls – Beautiful Skin and Gorgeous Hair

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Glowing skin and gorgeous hair… isn’t that what every girl dreams of? When you (or your child) is between the ages of 18 and 26, beauty is one of the major factors one worries over to ensure it remains on point. There are various ways to ensure it does: by taking good care of your skin and hair. What is needed are some beauty tips for girls who’re looking for a 360-degree solution. Read ahead.

Exfoliation is Key of Beauty

Exfoliation physically or chemically removes the dead and dull skin cells by rubbing and sloughing. Beauty expert Maushmi Dhawan from Beautiful Secrets shares, “Pollution and erratic weather is an absolute skin-spoiler. So using regular soft scrubs and exfoliators on the face is a must.”

Pro beauty tips for girls: Mix one tsp salt with two tsp oil like olive or coconut as a natural exfoliating scrub.

Screening Skin Beauty Tips

Sunscreens are a must, whichever season it is. You get different types of sunscreen for different types of skin. “Depending on skin type using a sunscreen with the foundation is good for you as it coats the skin yet keeps it fresh long enough,” Dhawan points out.

Pro beauty tips for girls: Sunscreen needs to be applied on the skin directly, below any makeup or skin-care products.

Gloss Over Lips

Lips can darken over time if you use a lot of lipsticks and such products as the chemicals in them might affect the lips. Instead, use a lip gloss says Dhawan, “It now comes in multiple shades and also doesn’t discolour the lips. It hydrates them and keeps them supple.”

Pro beauty tips for girls: Apply a lip balm before any lipstick or lip gloss always.

Black Beauty

Kohl has been an age-old beauty essential, and the girls of today still look at it as a must-have. Organically-made kohl has a lot of benefits for the eyes too! “Organic kohl is back with a bang as the girls of today love the smudge look either on the eyelid or water line,” shares Dhawan.

Pro beauty tips for girls: You can make kohl at home by placing a copper bowl over a diya keeping a little gap for the flame to get oxygen. Burn the diya with oil (sesame oil, castor oil or canola oil) and let the flame burn for an hour or two. The black residue left in the copper bowl can be used as kohl.

Hydrated Lashes

Having lovely long lashes to frame your eyes is something all girls want. To do so, “apply little of the foundation and sunscreen on lash before you use the mascara on the lashes,” says Dhawan, “You look like you have extensions yet it hydrates them and keeps them healthy.” Keeping the lashes hydrated will have them retain the natural shine and help their growth.

Pro beauty tips for girls: Apply a little olive oil to the lashes at night before sleeping to keep them moisturized.

Not So Hot!

“Always wash with lukewarm water,” Dhawan informs, “The hot water you love so much is doing your skin a disservice! If you notice your complexion is dry, your steamy showers could be to blame.” So, take those temperatures down.

Pro beauty tips for girls: Lukewarm bath helps in relaxing the muscles as a hot water bath would, but doesn’t dissolve the natural oils as the hot temperature would.

Conditioning The Mane

Whether you have straight, curly, thin, oily or dry hair, some hair care tips are universal. Dhawan says, “Condition the hair correctly. Apply it from mid-lengths to ends. Conditioning at the roots can end up weighing down your hair and on adverse effects with clogging pores with protein. The conditioner could develop into itching of scalp and dandruff.”

Pro beauty tips for girls: Use conditioner that is appropriate for your hair type.

Scalp Cleanse

You need to ensure you cleanse your scalp and the hair roots properly. “Shampoo should be concentrated on the scalp as washing lengths and hair tips can lead to dull n dry hair with which will eventually lack any lustre,” Dhawan points out, “Scalp which produces oil sheds scalp skin regularly which needs to be cleaned off the scalp. The built-up can lead to scalp odour, stickiness, stench and dandruff if not cleaned well.”

Pro beauty tips for girls: You get different shampoos for dry, oily and combination hair types. Find the appropriate shampoo that suits your hair.

Hair Protection

“We all love how our hair looks after a blowout or heat styling session, but excessive heat styling can do a number on your hair. While we don’t say that you need to part with your hot tools totally, you should make one adjustment to your routine when you’re using heat to style hair,” says Dhawan, “Every single time, you should be applying a protective product first like a heat-protecting serum or a spritz before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair.”

Pro beauty tips for girls: Take 1 tsp fractionated coconut oil, 1 tbsp sweet almond oil, 2 tsp hair conditioner, 1 cup distilled water, 5 drops clary sage essential oil and 5 drops geranium essential oil. Pour half a cup of the distilled water in a clear glass spray bottle. Add the remaining ingredients and top up with the remaining distilled water. Shake well and use as a hair protective spray.

Snip Snip

You need to keep the hair healthy. The hair suffers daily because of the temperatures outside, and the pollution and other air-borne problems. The many chemicals products and styling methods used too adds to the hair problems. The hair tips especially get affected the most. Dhawan advice, “Trim hair regularly!”

Pro beauty tips for girls: Trim your hair once every three months ideally.

Changing The Parts

Your hair gets set in a certain style when you use the same parting of hair daily for years. “It’s the simplest hair care tips that have such a big impact. All that is needed to give your hair a fuller look is changing the side where you part your hair. Change the parting to the opposite side than your usual and you’ll see that your roots have more bounce,” informs Dhawan.

Pro beauty tips for girls: Don’t let the hair parting remain in the exact same place for long. You can change them every week to keep the looks new and the hair looking fuller.

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