Styling tips and tricks for women 5’4 or under

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When you’re short, shopping for clothing sometimes may sound fun because you get access to the kid’s section but it is nothing less than a battle. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Check out the tips below.

The best things often come in small packages. However, when you’re comparatively short, shopping for clothing may sound fun because you may even get access to the kid’s section, but it is nothing less than a battle. Well, as someone who is under 5’4, I’ve found myself come out of fitting rooms looking like someone who was transported from the ’80s (welcome to the unintentionally oversized shoulders). Until now, if you are nodding along in empathy, let me tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Rashi Nangaliaa, a designer tells us, “I always recommend high-waisted bottoms that make your legs look longer. If you have a pear-shaped figure then ball bottoms can even out your look, otherwise a straight fit works. Skirts and dresses make one look taller too as opposed to pants. Avoid extremely long shirts and ill-fitted baggy clothes.”

Here are a few tips you can follow that will complement your petite frame.

Whether you rock them with or without a heel, pointed shoes elongate your legs. Moreover, they give your outfit the classic twist it needs. After all, classic is timeless. You can match your shoe colour to your pants or tights in dark shades like navy blue or black. This makes you not only look polished but also makes you look tall!

Go monochromatic

Monochrome is not only in trend, but is surely classy. Choosing to go with one colour creates a vertical line and gives a uniform flow to your entire body. Black and beige are usually the go-to colour while thinking monochrome. There’s something stunning about your entire look when you choose to go for bold, statement-making colours like red, lemon yellow or blue.

Vertical stripes

Designer Prreeti Jaiin recommends, “Choose vertical stripes over horizontal ones. Not only that, try avoiding wide patterns and prints. Rather, go for long patterns or prints that seem to cascade down.” Often, horizontal stripes make you look wide, while vertical stripes give a more elongated illusion, so the latter is usually a go-to for shorter girls.

High-waisted trousers

Keep in mind that a pair of high-waisted pants is your best friend. Nangaliaa remarks, “Short women can make themselves look taller by wearing high-waisted jeans or shorts pairing up with crop tops which will shorten the torso and make the legs appear longer.”

Pair your high-waisted pants by tucking your shirt or blouse. This will lengthen your torso. A wide-leg or a boot-cut structured pant or an A-line midi skirt works wonders if you are aiming for a taller silhouette. Add a statement belt to your look to highlight your waist. This will give the body the required definition and curve.

Make peplum a must in your wardrobe

Short peplum tops or a basic peplum top not only deviates attention from your love handles but also gives the illusion of a lengthened torso. The flare at your hips is perfect for giving the body more definition and length. You could team the peplum top with a basic pair of denim or you could also go for a peplum blazer which is undoubtedly a respite from the basic blazer/coat.

Pencil skirts

This type of skirt not only complements your body type and blends in entirely, but you don’t need to style the outfit drastically. Team it up with tank or tube-top or swap them with a plaid shirt. Ensure that the shirt has the right amount of volume. Tuck it in, and follow the very first tip! Pointed shoes and you are good to go. Preeti Jain, a designer tells us “asymmetrical silhouette, dungarees, shorts and clothes that go at least a little above the knee can all make you look a little taller visually”. Thus, if pencil skirts seem a bit formal to you, why don’t you go asymmetrical?

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