The Third Piece Rule

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There is always something you can add to your outfit of the day to pull it all together. Here is one big fashion tip keep your outfits simple but fun and fashionable. It is called the “Third Piece Rule”. That would be, if your shirt and pants are piece one and two, then there ’s a third piece that you can add to pull it all together. This can be done in multiple ways:

A Jacket
Adding a jacket to top off your outfit is always a good route to go and probably the easiest. Throwing on a blazer or jacket makes your outfit look complete.

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When in doubt add a scarf. Scarves are very versatile and can look good with almost any outfit. You can add a little bit of color or pattern to a neutral outfit, or just finish pull together an outfit with any scarf.


A Cardigan
Adding a cardigan as the third piece to your outfit really makes all the
difference. Cardigans added to any outfit contribute more to your look and makes the whole outfit more stylish.



Vests are unique pieces of clothing. They are less expected than a jacket or a cardigan. It adds a lot of style, pop, and uniqueness to your outfit. Finding the perfect vest that goes with anything is ideal! Even better if you have a whole collection!

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