The Ultimate Secret To Wearing Your Heels Comfortably All Day

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All of us women will do anything for our shoe closet! No matter the pain it takes to wear your heels all day, we will sacrifice. How does the saying go, beauty is pain right? Who doesn’t love making their legs look miles high?! With that being said, we will sacrifice the pain to wear heels but some are unbearably uncomfortable. The main reason why heels become uncomfortable is because your feet slide around and down into them. Be pained no more!

There is a solution to that painful feeling and its called heel cushions. They are rectangular pieces of cushion that fit perfectly under your toes to prevent your feet to slide forward. The recommended heel cushions are called Foot Petals. Do not get the ones from Dr. Scholl’s because they are much smaller in size and the adhesive only lasts the first few days.


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