This Adventure Should Be Near the Top of Your Bucket List

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Havasupai falls is one of the most beautiful places you could ever imagine. It is encompassed by so much culture and tranquility. Up for an adventure? Getting there involves a gorgeous hike to beautiful pools of water and many different waterfalls at different destinations on the way down.

This trip requires staying over or a night or two. People usually plan the trip for 4 days. It is a 16 mile hike there and back so pack strategically and you can even rent mules to take your bigger and bulkier stuff down to the campground. You will need lots of water to survive the long hike.

Once you get down there you can cliff jump, enjoy the beautiful blue waters and take in the amazing nature of the waterfalls. The waterfall located in Havasu Canyon is nearly 100 feet! The

Contrast of colors between the canyon and the blue water will beat Instagram filters any day. The water is named for the Havasupai Indians meaning “people of the blue-green waters”

This trip will allow you to take a step back from all the chaos in the world and be one with nature and its beautiful creations.

This is a must-do adventure!

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