Travel Beauty Hacks

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These travel tips will revolutionize your packing game forever:

Reuse Empty Toiletry Bottles
Instead of using the little tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner from hotel rooms that do not do much for your hair, take your empty shampoo and conditioner bottles and fill them up with your favorite products. make sure the size of the bottle is TSA approved.

Cotten Pad
To avoid the most annoying thing from happening, the breaking of your compact into pieces of makeup, stick a cotton pad in your compact before you travel. Do if for all of your makeup compacts, like blush, bronzer, and powder.

Dryer Sheet
When you are packing, stick a couple dryer sheets in between your packed clothes so that they will mell fresh after a long flight to your destination.

Use Butter As Lip Balm
Butter can be a very good alternative for lip balm. When your lips are chapped, dab bait of butter on them and your lips will feel a soft as a babies bottom.

Tape Your Travel Containers
Product seals are even more disastrous than your compact breaking. When you are traveling, the worst thing to have is an explosion in your suitcase. Therefore, tape around the seals of your travel containers to avoid your favorite hair product to mix with your favorite shirt.

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