Want to increase your height? 5 tips to grow taller

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Are you unhappy with your height? Well, many of us find ourselves hunting for solutions to increase our height all the time. We search on Google, talk to our gym instructors or dietitian and ask friends for tips to grow taller. But, is there a real solution to this? Check out these tips to increase your height naturally.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Our height depends on the environment, nutrition, and genes we possess. But, there are some potential tips and tricks for achieving a good height. A healthy diet plays an important role in the body’s growth and development. Hence, one must ensure to eat a healthy breakfast to boost metabolism that influences body growth substantially. So, your diet should include foods that make you taller.

2. Get adequate sleep

Apart from having a healthy, nutritious diet, adequate sleep is necessary for the growth and development of your body. Kids and adolescents grow during the night. Hence, they require 9-11 hours of sleep. A noise-free and calm environment is most appropriate to get a deep sleep. While sleeping, the body produces growth hormone, which helps increase your height as well. So, sleep well.

3. Adults should choose to exercise regularly

While kids can grow taller by having proper diet and sleep, adults, on the other hand, have fewer options. Adults need to remove the decompressions on their vertebrae that have grown over time due to bad posture or gravity. Exercising is one of the best options to increase height faster/grow taller naturally. Hanging, puppy pose, cobra stretch are some exercises that help increase height.

4. Stay away from smoking, alcohol and caffeine

Consumption of alcohol and drugs can affect the growth and development of your body. Avoid these addictions if you want to grow tall and healthy right from a young age. Smoking and excess caffeine can disrupt the growth of kids. So, children should stay away from such bad habits to ensure the natural growth and development of the body.

5. Yoga can also help increase your height

Yoga can also help you grow taller. From the comfort of your home, you can do some yoga exercises which will help increase your height. Tadasana, Vriksh Asana, Ustra Asana, Paschimotan Asana are some yoga poses that help increase height. Some of these poses exert direct pressure on the pituitary gland and activate it to release growth hormones in the body.

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